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If you are searching online marketing  based company with experience in the field of internet marketing and a passion for providing the best service in the industry, look no further than Internet Marketing Logic in Naples FL. With our specialized knowledge, we can help you brand your company online.

Our Background – A Driven Beginning

Internet Marketing Logic was founded in 1999 with the realization that internet marketing would soon be at the forefront of marketing strategies, especially for the real estate industry and the medical field. We found the perfect home for our company in Bonita Springs, conveniently located between Naples, Florida and Fort Myers, Florida so that we could offer our services to both areas. In 2001 we had the honor of being the first online company to offer our services to the National Board of Realtors in Chicago, at McCormic Place. We understood the power of the internet and online marketing in the early days of the internet. Google was only one year old when we were peddling our services to more than 200 big real estate firms. Since then, Internet Marketing Logic has grown to become one of the largest website marketing and search engine optimization companies in Florida.


Our Expertise – The Medical Field

Most of our clients are in the real estate business or the medical field and we put a strong emphasis on our medical internet marketing abilities. Naples, Florida and Fort Myers, Florida are home to some of the best medical facilities in the United States. In fact, the leading cardiology services in the world are located right here in Fort Myers, Florida. Because so many of our clients come from the medical field, we opened Medical Marketing Logic as a subsidiary to Internet Marketing Logic in 2004. Medical Marketing Logic provides highly specialized SEO and website marketing services for the world of medicine. Now, Medical Marketing Logic represents a large percentage of our billings.


Our Home – The Beauty of Naples and Fort Myers

Running our company in the beautiful Naples area is truly a dream come true. With its history, thriving tourism industry, and incredible beaches, Naples, Florida is one of the best places to live and work. Naples was founded in the late 1880s and even in its earliest days, Naples attracted the interest of the country because of its perfect climate and its abundant fish and game. Today, Naples makes a great travel destination thanks to its pristine beaches, high end dining and shopping, and abundant golf courses.


Just a short hop away is Fort Myers, Florida, another beautiful city along the Gulf of Mexico. It acts as the gateway to the rest of Southwest Florida. Thomas Edison and Henry Ford both had winter homes here. The strongest industry in Fort Myers is the medical industry. This makes Fort Myers a perfect location for Internet Marketing Logic and Medical Marketing Logic.


Because of our knowledge of the medical and real estate fields and our many years of experience with search engine optimization and internet marketing, we are more than capable of helping you achieve whatever business goals you might have. Contact us by phone at 239-495-6300 or email at or drop by our Bonita Springs office at 27499 Riverview Center Blvd. Suite 105, to get started.


Main Office – Southeastern Office – Naples FL

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