Tips for hiring the right Internet marketing company

If you have found yourself in a position that you volunteered to hire the right internet marketing company, you need to consider the following important requirements. First, you need to ask yourself why you volunteered for such a challenging task when you could have just volunteered to pick up lunch for the team.
Don’t downplay the magnitude of such a challenge; finding the right online branding firm can make a huge impact on your bottom line. If you are in a industry that your customers are researching and finding resources online, a good SEO can make a company grow exponentially based on good online marketing. OK, getting lunch for the team just got even better. Now that I put the fear of god into your bloodstream, you need to follow these very important rules.


Don’t hire an internet marketing company based on size

In fact the bigger the firm, the more untrained professionals and things just fall through the crack. I find that bigger firms do not take ownership in a client like the smaller companies. A small firm will need every account that they have and work hard to keep them. These days good SEO is 90% administrative, so when I say you need to find a firm that will work for you, I mean work. Lots of work.

Don’t be afraid to ask hard questions,

like how many similar companies do you represent or can you provide me with actual clients I can call for a interview? Proving that they are worth their salt is the first very important thing you need to establish. Get at least two good referrals and make sure they are not working with your competitors. Sometimes that is hard even for me. I have two movers that go head to head. Nevertheless, I am the best choice for them. Just make sure the firm does not do all the movers in town. Then they can control the category. Be careful. I try to only have one client for every industry. Don’t be discouraged if the Internet marketing firm does not have any history with your industry. The process of search engine optimization is pretty much the same for all local firms, and all the same for national firms. It is a matter of knowing how to do it and offering the best strategy in getting it done.


Watch their body language

most good SEO’s really get into the game. Yes, this is a game we play. I love to win. That is exactly what you need to hear. The thrill of the hunt, the ambition for another challenge, they need to be excited to take this on. Look for that ambition. I don’t care what others say, if they are good at online marketing, then the account comes first and the money comes second. Egos run high in this industry, if everything is about the money then you need to move on to the next SEO company. However, don’t get the cost of SEO confused with the greed of getting every penny out of a good account. search engine optimization has gotten expensive over the years. Expect to pay at least 2,000 or more in yearly inclusion fees, budget about 300 per month for paid local IYP’s and expect about 2,000 for paid links. Depending on the strategy, you need to understand this costs money. Nevertheless, understand the difference in the monthly fees to manage and maintain the ranks. SEO fees could range from 300.00 per month to an average of 900 per month or if you are marketing a huge national company, it could be millions. Every company is different.


Lastly, pick a few accounts at random

and ask how long they had those accounts. One surefire way to see if the firm is a contender is to see how long their accounts have been accounts at that firm. It is always best to stay with the same internet marketing company and the SEO firm should never give an account a reason to fire them. If you find that the internet marketing firm has a high turn-around and a great sales staff that keeps the accounts coming in, then you need to run, they will not have the time for you, and it will be a matter of time before you become the one that will volunteer to pick up lunch instead of firing a new online marketing firm.


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