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A Few Words About Internet Marketing Logic

With over 25 years of professional marketing experience, our parent company, W&T Communications has serviced clients in almost every industry since 1991. In 1998, the concept of restructuring a websites content in order to boost search engine rank placement put W&T in touch with several website optimization experts at Netscape and GoTo. (Google was not born yet)

A union with these powerhouse players has been a priceless relationship. Internet Marketing Logic, Inc. became incorporated as a sister company of W&T Communications in 1999. After six years of developing and perfecting a proprietary technique for internet marketing, Internet Marketing Logic was one of the first search engine optimization agencies based in Florida.

Now, our Naples internet marketing clients reap the benefits of an obsession that has taken IML to the top of the web optimization industry. With alliances in all levels of the optimization landscape, Internet Marketing Logic is privy to information and trends before they happen.  IML is a familiar face at popular web-related conferences and SES training sessions.

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Always Available

We are local and always in reach. We give our clients a company cell number to use after hours and we accept requests and phone calls 24/7 so we can resolve any problem whenever needed. 

We are the Best

The company founder, William James Lees III has been doing SEO for over 25 years and was the first Advertising Agency in Florida to offer in-house SEO services. Our team members are high-qualified, educated marketers with marketing degrees. You are not working with programmers here. We speak english.

Fair Prices

Our prices are both fair and affordable for all companies. If a competitor is offering a cheaper service, they have simply left off something. We see common things left out of proposals such as Internet yellow pages, inclusion fees or conversion tracking software. All are required to give you the best option for online success.

Conversion Intelligence
We have found that there are sometimes up to seven factors that have to take place for a conversion. From Referral, organic SEO, to Adwords…. We run software to better understand what has to happen to get a conversion. 

The Journey to a Conversion

We have always struggled with conversion tracking in search engine marketing. We can do a pretty good job getting traffic counts and targeting hot prospects but at the end of the day, we always scratch our heads, look at each other and wonder what actually converted?

The owner, William Lees was obsessed with the notion of understanding the actual conversion details.
We should be able to identify all the underlying factors, converting words, visitor profiles, and marketing channels.
William met with a couple of his retail accounts to have a focus group on the topic of conversions and he leaned that so much needs to happen to make a conversion. The more specialized the product or service the more complicated the conversion.
We market for a Paver company and leaned so much about their conversion process. This company does the best they could in asking new call-in’s what brought them in?  This paver company said that 40% of their new business is referral. But what is a referral? Someone that said they were told about the service from someone else? That seems a little open ended. Our company is obsessed over “Conversion Intelligence”, we are successful in placing code in all the places we market, and we learn how the customer finesses from social to organic and or referral to organic, once we learn the “Journey that takes place for a conversion” we then can make logical choices in budgets and marketing channels. We leaned that the typical conversion is a compilation of several marketing channels and influencing factors that result in a conversion. We make choices based on the data. That is who we are.


IML is made up of degreed marketers that are plan oriented. We work off budgets and marketing plans. We will advise, test, look at the data, make changes, advise and implement.

There are on average 7 methods that most customers consider top converting options. Typically the top customer conversions are from 1. Referrals  2. Repeat Customers 3. Drive by and 4. signage. This is never accurate, not even close. Do you want to know the real data. Let us show you.

My father always told me two things, there is no such thing as as a free lunch. and there are no sure things in life. I love my dad but I have to say that in today’s analytical world of data sharing and intelligence, we are able to learn from campaign efficiencies and make better decisions on how much to spend based on actual conversion data. We can learn about the customer demographics, keywords they are using to find you and what various ways they researched you before they converted.


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