Online Traffic - The Village Shops on Venetian Bay says "Bring it on"

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Online Traffic - The Village Shops on Venetian Bay says "Bring it on"

The Village Shops at Venetian Bay, Internet Marketing, Naples SEO

The Retailers Said, “BRING IT ON”

The Village Shops at Venetian Bay went from 450 online visitors to 9,000 site visits in one month.

Is it even possible to see that amount of rapid increase in traffic in just one month? William Lees at Internet Marketing Logic, Inc. in Bonita Springs said, “I had to triple check before I met with the marketing director just to confirm I was looking at correct stats. But Yes, those numbers were correct. Even today we get between 9 and 17,000 unique website visits every month on their website”.

The Village Shops at Venetian Bay, Internet Marketing, Naples SEO, Search Engine Optimization
William Lees enjoying a Mahi Mahi Sandwich at M Waterfront Grill. His Jam.

The Village Shops at Venetian Bay attribute a few strong factors for such a high visitor count. The first is obvious, shopping is and always will be a strong part of the fabric that makes Naples what it is. People come to this destination to eat, shop and enjoy the tropical climate. Our population triples at times during season and that accounts for a boat load of visitors planning their destinations. The Village Shops also has a wonderful aesthetic quality as all the shops sit on beautiful waterways.

The second factor is a great website that is marketed like it needs to be. We are in all the right places when people use the web to find Naples Shopping and Dinning. The Village Shops at Venetian bay is a shopping destination that doesn’t disappoint. The site does a very good job in informing the public of the shops and restaurants, but the venue itself is where the rubber meets the road. If the shops fell short in the efforts to offer a quality waterfront shopping and dinning experience, we surely would see a decline in the website traffic.

William Lees went on to say, “We noticed a clear dip in the analytics between season and off season, but honestly I would have prediThe Village Shops at Venetian Bay, Internet Marketing, Naples SEO, Search Engine Optimizationcted a bigger variance. The Village online traffic only drops by 28%-34% in the off season. In comparison, some of our medical accounts at Internet Marketing Logic drop almost 60% in the off season”.

Candice Lopez is the marketing director at the Village Shops at Venetian Bay. She commented, “We still maintain strong foot traffic at the shops, even in the summer season. I feel that this is because we have so much to see here. The Village Shops has more waterfront shopping and dining than any other destination in Naples with 6 Waterfront Restaurants and 40 Unique boutiques. Our year-round residents feel that this is a destination worthy to visit”.

I see it in the Analytics.

From website traffic to foot traffic the two come together and tell a very interesting story. You see a clear correlation between the two. Strong monthly online traffic numbers will equate to strong foot traffic. It is elementary. Candice is a true marketer when she figures out ways to convert the cyber traffic to real traffic. The Village Shops come up with a variety of events throughout the off season. Like the first annual Wine Around The Water event in partnership with Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples. (August 11th from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.)

Candice said, “The Village Shops have always been philanthropically based with a multitude of charity events hosted during season as well as during the summer months, supporting 20+ local charities. This is one of the many events held to support our retailers, restaurants, and the Naples community”.

William Lees commented that it is so nice to be affiliated with such a quality organization. The Village Shops on Venetian Bay is always thinking of innovative and exciting ways to increase exposure on all platforms, including: Social Media, Website, conventional branding, and on-site events and promotions.

From website traffic to foot traffic we say bring it on!