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I often get asked,

What are my options when I market online and what is the difference between local and national SEO?

Isn’t the web worldwide anyways?

There are so many options these days when it comes to seo services.

We actually create a strategy based on the client needs, where it is located and what budget they have. Even though the web is truly a worldwide media, these days search engines do an awesome job of understanding where you are geographically and they can offer special “Local” pages just for your geographic area.

Online media and branding options fall in the follow categories:

Local SEO – Internet Yellow Pages and local vertical directories

Regional SEO – Regional promotional options as well as partners sites

National SEO – Organic national SEO – Can be found from every place on the planet.

Paid Inclusions – Paid directory inclusions

Adwords – PPC – Pay Per Click – Promotions

Banners and Ad Placement – Place ads in strategic locations

Social Marketing

Conventional Marketing to promote an online brand

The biggest and the best SEO companies do all of the above and they do it well. Some online firms can only do a handful of the items listed. Our SEO company has a subsidiary “Naples Fl advertising firm” that can handle the conventional marketing most big account require and seo companies have to subcontract out.

One things that comes clear when you see your branding options listed, the fact that you need to hire a marketing firm rather than a website development firm. Although web development firms always seam the most logical choice as you have just had them create a beautiful tool that can make you money. However, the truth is, you need to have a real marketer working for you, a firm that understands how to communicate to your target audience. One that can put together a marketing plan and follow the plan, buy media and negotiate the best rates possible. Web development companies are focused on the next assignment and they are very technically minded. A marketing person is more creative and focused on how your site is viewed rather then the functionality of the sub-straight.

Below is a summery of each outlined online media and how it relates to the big picture. “Your Online Marketing Plan”

Local SEO – Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) and local vertical directories

78% of online searches are looking for a phone number or address – so, local online marketing is crazy important to local companies. In fact, I have recommended to Doctors and realtors to put most of their budget in their local online branding. Local online branding includes products like Google places, Google maps, Internet yellow pages like Yext and mapquest. Local indexing is a lot faster than national indexing. The SEO specialist needs to understand “Citation building” and “Citation Authority” – We would love to talk to you about how we can help brand your company locally on the internet.

Regional SEO Services – Regional promotional options as well as partners sites

Regional is a harder place to market. Most regional marketing is by territory. The most effective way to market by region is either the way that you submit a website within a directory or you can get included within vertical directories that are regionally based. Some examples of regional directories are as follows: Organization directories like Rotary international or lions clubs, Craigs List, Chamber of Commerce, Better business burrow, Angies list requires you list based on region. Pay Per Click also allows you to specify a custom region rather than a local program. Regional marketing requires that you put on your thinking cap and get creative on how to reach a market more broad than the local zip code.

National SEO – Organic national optimization –

Even though National SEO is the hardest and most time consuming way to brand a company online, it happens to be my favorite way to market. I love it because it takes years of confidence and experience to be able to sell this and ask for what it is worth in a presentation. If a firm is low in cost, and the terms are competitive, there maybe a lack of confidence. You need to consider if the marketer will do a good job for you. I mentioned in one of my other landing pages the cost of national SEO. To market nationally in a competitive environment, it is expensive. Very expensive. Just the out of picket could be as high as 3,000 per month. (Don’t let this scare you, my cost is about 300 per month per page) Most accounts don’t go after terms like “Auto Sales” or “Computer Software” Just understand that depending on the strategy, National SEO is an investment in your URL brand and company online name. You build actual online equity that you can take to the bank. Page Rank, Citation Authority, Historical Integrity are all stats that stay with your URL as you build that brand. Those historical stats build year after year and they help your brand get better ranks.

So, why would a local Doctor or Real Estate firm want to market Nationally when all they need is local SEO? You need to understand that local SEO is only for about 20 miles from your business location. If you are a real estate firm, you may want to get the prospect before they travel to your area. In this case, I would market terms like, “Naples FL Real Estate” or Greenville SC Real Estate so the terms come up everywhere on the planet.

Nevertheless, if you are a dog walking service, Pizza take out or gas station, national SEO is not a good idea. There are websites like, sec144 that gives you tips on tricks on SEO.

Paid Inclusions

Inclusions are places to submit your website that make the best sense for your type of business or service. Most good inclusions cost money, the better inclusions cost more money. That is just how it goes. That is why the Internet is expensive. Between PPC and Inclusions, you could dump a lot of cash. To give you an example: is 399.00 per year, Yahoo express is 299. per year, Yext is 460 per year to name a few. Another red flag to consider, if your online marketer is not charging you for inclusion fees – You are probably not getting the benefit of paid inclusions.

Adwords and Paid Keywords – PPC – Pay Per Click – Promotions

Most everybody knows or has dabbled in PPC – Pay Per Click. This is one way you can dump a ton of cash and not make a penny, or on the other side, you can dump a little cash and make a ton of money. There is magic to PPC. You need to be well trained before you touch PPC. Trust me. I have seen some bad thing with PPC.

My advice is to have a professional do it or set it up for you. PPC is the answer if you have a good budget and you want immediate gratification.

Banners and Ad Placement – Place ads in strategic locations

Never under estimate the power of a banner. I love banner marketing when you have a product that is not understood by the market. Lets say you have a widget that makes wine out of coffee grounds. Wow, Wine from grounds – I need this product. Most need this product, they just don’t know it yet.

You have a great product and your ready to market it. You have a good idea of the target market and how to reach your demographic but the product is not something that people are searching for. Therefore, you need to get it in front of the target the best way you can. Social and viral marketing is the best way but also banner links off Better Homes and Gardens and Martha Stuart Living could bring in hundreds of orders per day. A visual banner is sometimes the best option.

Social Marketing

This is the most loved and the most hated marketing and branding option of them all. So,… time consuming yet this can be crazy effective. The term “Going Viral” is not just a new slang term in the English language, it is also a very powerful way to get a unique product or service out to a vast market. All other forms of marketing are the process of your site reaching prospects through indexing. Social is the process of using the written word or visual for other to spread the concept from one to another or one group to another group. The message spreads exponentially and before you know it, it has “Gone Viral”. This requires a very interesting topic and very good writers. Viral marketing does require a catalyst to start the ball rolling. Sometimes it can be very hard to get that ball off the mark but when it starts picking up momentum, look out. We have a staff of writers and subcontractors that love this stuff. I personally have bigger fish to fry.

Conventional Marketing to promote an online brand

I graduated from the State University of New York at Buffalo with a marketing and communications degree. Started a full service advertising agency back in 1991 and we have marketed most every industry from Real Estate to computer software. Conventional marketing is not the same animal that it was back in 1991 but it is still the process of using broadcast, print and outdoor to reach a target audience. Many of the biggest and best online companies depend on their conventional broadcast and direct mail marketing for survival. They understand that in order to get brand dominance in the marketplace they need to market more than on line, they need a comprehensive traditional marketing plan that includes conventional marketing as well as online marketing. Some have found that online marketing mixed with the traditional kind of marketing concentrates on growth through the relationship before customers and the business and is More about Lead Generation.

We are very different from other because our roots run deep in traditional marketing but we are also a successful and dominant online marketing firm as well. It is important to keep composing your marketing firm to keep it consistent through all business operations.