Working On New Strategies at IML Services. – Voice Search

We have been hearing about Voice search for the last decade but it wasn’t until August 2021 that we started to see voice search terms showing up in our keyword relevance.

What is Voice Search; Voice search is when you ask Siri, Alexa or Watson “Where is the closest Pizza place to me that delivers”

The programming that provide voice search results work just like a typical search engine.  Search Engine Optimization specialists need to optimize for these voice search keywords so our clients will be found when a voice search is performed.

When we do our keyword research every 6 months, we look for different terms we can add to your program. When we see long search queries in a form of a question, we know that is a voice search term. Like, “What are the best local movers near me”.

What we do…

IML Services looks for trends in voice search terminology like common words: Who are, who is, what are, what is, where is, near me, local, best, reviews, phone number, directions

There are methods that Google, Apple and Microsoft provide SEO’s on what to do to optimize for their voice search drivers.

Voice search is still pretty new and not proven. Results provided in voice search are not the best and most people will go to their cell phone for more reliable searching.

Voice search will soon be a relevant and a commonly used method for search.

Right Now Voice Search Is Not Popular

While voice search is not a big factor in your SEM strategy, a good SEO will start to lay the ground work on voice search now. It is a matter of time for when voice search gains in relevance.

If you want to talk more about the relevance of voice search, contact IMNL services today.