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We have been offering Naples, Bonita Springs and Fort Myers Search Engine Optimization for over 25 years.

Internet Marketing Logic is a Naples Internet Marketing Company offering branding and SEO Services

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Meet Bill, The SEO Expert

Internet Marketing Logic is a search engine optimization company comprised of marketers with marketing degrees. Internet marketing and the process of marketing online requires the ability to market and brand a product or service, a good marketer understands demographics, focus groups, statistics, customer profiles and has the resources to increase sales.

Test Spending and Fine Tune for Success.

The beauty of most Naples and Fort Myers search engine marketing (SEM) programs  are that they simply do not have contracts. We can end a media contract at any point. (Google adwords, Facebook Promote, YEXT Yellow Pages, Yelp, Home Advisor, Pandora…..the list goes on) This is perfect for the way we like to work. We will place up to 7 conversion tracking methods and run the online marketing program for a month and then look at the data. What converted and what did not convert. What phrases were used to convert and what did not, Whom are we reaching and whom are are leaving behind. Once we have answered these questions,  you will then see the power of logical search engine marketing.

SEO, Online Marketing, website design, Marketing, web Designers, Naples Search Engine Marketing
A great Search Engine Optimization Expert unterstands consumer behaviorism and how they use your website to assist in a conversion.

Search Engine marketing, SEO Services and Web Design Services

Conversion Intelligence

Our Name Says It All: Internet Marketing LOGIC We make online marketing LOGICAL. If

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Instead of saying how amazing we are at SEO. I would rather inform you

Multi Media Online Marketing

New Age Media,  Marketing Plan: When we put together a multi-media marketing plan, we

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The Internet marketing logic website started as a template and we added text with

Local Search Engine Marketing

  Most companies underestimate the power of a strong local online marketing program. Local

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Facebook Promote, Google Adwords, Microsoft Bing – Paid Ads   Internet Marketing Logic has

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Meet our Fort Myers and Naples website design Company

Talking about online branding and SEO services

We have been working with Bill from day one. Actually from day negative 30. Bill did all our branding work before we launched Hilton Moving and Storage. We understand the power of good online market share and bill is leading the way.

Mike Hilton

Quite frankly, I really don’t understand what Bill does, as long as we see results that is all that counts.

John R Wood Properties

Bill is one of two approved online marketing firms we work with at 21st Century Oncology. We have high standards and do our best in choosing our resources.

21st Century Oncology

We did not put any effort into our online marketing before working with Internet Marketing Logic. We now see the power of internet lead generation. We are believers at Hills Showcase and Bob Hill Plumbing.

Rob Hill
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Making Your Website Marketing

More Efficient!

Lets Face It, You just want to know if the money you are putting into your search engine optimization and PPC promotions are worth it!

Seriously…That is a fare question. If you are not getting an answer to that question, call us right now. Bill’s cell number is 239-465-9048. (No Joke) We will justify each penny of your spending.