Don’t Do It- Buyer Beware

If you own a domain name (URL) you probably have seen the Domain Registry letters or iDNS letters. Both are the same company and both are crooks. They prey on people that do not fully understand the domain name registration process. This article is designed to elaborate just how deceitful companies like this really are. […]

A Logical Solution to Budget Efficiencies

We make online marketing LOGICAL If you had a crystal ball and you could look into it to see what actually was the driving factor that represented all the online conversions at your company, would that intelligence change the way you do business? For Some YES, While for others No. Some CEO’s tend to go […]

Ransomware Attack 101 In Southwest Florida

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Every Business Is A Sitting Duck For Ransomware.   Since my wife’s company had to pay 10 million to regain access to their two companies design, manufacturing, ecommerce and logistics system, I wanted to learn more about what ransomware is and I also wanted to find out more about the programming, software behaviors that make […]

What Is Voice Search?

Working On New Strategies at IML Services. – Voice Search We have been hearing about Voice search for the last decade but it wasn’t until August 2021 that we started to see voice search terms showing up in our keyword relevance. What is Voice Search; Voice search is when you ask Siri, Alexa or Watson […]