If you own a domain name (URL) you probably have seen the Domain Registry letters or iDNS letters. Both are the same company and both are crooks. They prey on people that do not fully understand the domain name registration process.

This article is designed to elaborate just how deceitful companies like this really are.


What is a domain name registration:


When Coca-Cola bought coca-cola.com in 1994 by Mark Monitor, they did not really buy the domain name. Domain names are a database of URL’s owned by the government that allow a company like yours to pay an annual fee to renew your registration. This essentially gives your company the right to use that URL for the paid registration period.


Who do you pay to renew your registration?


There is only one place you pay for the domain name registration renewal. That is the place that you or someone else purchased it at. Most buy their domain names at Godaddy, Enom, Yahoo Business, Cloud Flair, and a ton of private re-sellers. Most domains are attached to these main website services: email, hosting, and security products like an SSL security certificate. So, if you do not renew your domain name registration, the emails, website and security will all go down as a result.


You may not know where your domain name was originally purchased?


I use this tool that looks up your domain name registration. This tool will tell you who’s name the URL is managed under, the name of the registrar, when the URL was purchased and when the next registration payment will be due.




Now you know a little more that will make you a little more aware. I hope this helps

Bill Lees