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William James Lees III, Founder of Internet Marketing Logic, Inc. In 1999. After realizing a need for advanced SEO services in Naples, Bonita and Ft Myers.

Fort Myers Web Design and Secret Weapons

We are a group of Fort Myers internet marketers that are focused on developing a optimized website that accomplishes your goals. We will monitor how well the SEO is working based on conversion tracking and we use custom code all over your social and marketing channels to get a gauge of conversion efficiency. No other Fort Myers SEO or Website designer has the level of programmers we have at Internet Marketing Logic. First thing’s first, you need to make sure you have a reliable internet provider such as eatel to make sure all of your online marketing is kept up to date and doesn’t run the risk of being affected by a slow server which could hinder your progress.

Understanding Conversions is Key a Efficient Budget.

When we put together a multi-media marketing plan for your Fort Myers business, we start by meeting with you and get a feel for the budget and promotional options that you where considering. We then assemble a realistic marketing plan. This is where our years of marketing come into play. We may combine some conventional Fort Myers media options, like print publications or direct mail? and then get creative with smart electronic options like social media promotions and pay-per-click choices. Then we use our secret weapon, our incredible programming team. They develop code that gets placed on the back-end of all our electronic marketing channels. This code pull out customer demographic information, where they are searching from, what email address they have, what phrase that consumer used from the beginning, and we learn how that person used our website.

Fort Myers Internet marketing, Fort Myers SEO, Fort Myers Search Engine Optimization
We identify what marketing channels are working better then others and set budgets accordingly.

For Marketing options that are not electronic, like a billboard or magazine, we give that marketing channel a special phone number that captures a lot of information on each person that calls. You could consider cloud based call center solutions if this suits your business better, but the special phone number we give you will record the call and make transcripts which allows for the ability to take advantage of ringless voicemail drops. Our programmers developed code that analyze the transcripts and scores the call. A call with a high score will have converting dialogue like Deposit, Credit card or Appointment terminology. We also found that companies that get high call volume can monitor problem calls by identifying curse words in the transcripts. Every time there is a curse word in a transcript the CEO will get text with the entire transcript. Now the CEO can have his finger on the pulse of problem areas when there is an issue instead of after the problem. Avoiding a bad review or lawsuit.

The power of our system and programming team can help your bottom line in so many ways.

If you need internet marketing services from a passionate and experienced team, Internet Marketing Logic is the company for you. We are expanding our offices and bringing our knowledge of search engine optimization and website marketing from Naples Florida to down the road to Fort Myers, Fl. With our expertise in the huge Naples real estate industry, our skills will translate well to the Fort Myers booming market.

Contact Internet Marketing Logic, our South Eastern office is located between Fort Myers Florida And Naples – In Bonita Springs, Florida

Our Background – A Driven Beginning

Fort Myers Internet marketing, Fort Myers SEO, Fort Myers Search Engine Optimization
Our Office is located in Bonita Springs and easily services SEO in Naples and Fort Myers Fl.

Internet Marketing Logic was established in Bonita Springs, Florida in 1999 with the belief that internet marketing would come to dominate marketing techniques, especially in the real estate and medical fields. We situated our company in between Naples and Fort Myers so that we could offer our services to both areas. In 2001, just two years after our inception, we represented our services to the National Board of Realtors in Chicago, at McCormick Place, the first online company to market to the real estate industry. Internet Marketing Logic has continued to grow, becoming the one largest and most reputable internet marketing firms that specialize in website design, website marketing and SEO in Naples Florida.

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