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Here at IML Services, we use the most current programming language with expertly written source code. We have an in-house programmer that can customize most any website feature. There are so many elements in website design that can be customized so your product or service will stand out among the competition.

WordPress Programming with Developer Updates

“Marketing is problem solving with logic. We develop a plan based on melding conventional advertising and digital online marketing” – William J Lees

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We are all degreed marketing graduates. Owner, William Lees personally has a marketing and communications degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Our teams focus is on the communications and marketing of your website. Unlike most of our competition. Most website designers and programmers are not thinking about the communications and target demographic. The technical process of website development is normally their primary focus. The focus of our website design firm is on the written copy to inspire a conversion. Well written content and the marketing of the website as a marketing tool. What is your competitive advantage in the market place? Why would a target customer buy your product or service? At IML Services we are quality designers but more importantly, we want to design a website that works as a killer marketing tool. Our endgame is not just to deliver a finished Naples or Fort Myers website. Our endgame is to deliver the most effective marketing tool your company has ever seen.

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When a client comes into our marketing company, most are looking for one particular service, like Google Adwords or they want better social management. But I will be quick to advise them that they need to look at digital marketing in a similar way we look at conventional marketing. It is more about the power of the marketing mix rather than one media choice. We know from marketing 101 that a customer does not buy a product or choose a service by the reach of just one media option. It takes a combination of media all working together to communicate brand and credibility. It is the same with a digital marketing.