Naples Website Designers, Fort Myers Website Designers

Naples Website Designers, Fort Myers Website Designers


We offer quality Fort Myers and Naples website design, development and programming.

We do not outsource any of our website services, all our design and programming is done in-house.

One important note that most companies are not aware of is that there are a lot of places a design firm can cut corners in website development.

We look after our customers:

  1. In the hosting and security- We at IML don’t like taking on the liability of ransomware, malware or a typical virus. There is so much out there that we created a robust security program that all our clients are on. It includes a firewall, monitoring and early warning program of any virus intrusion, hourly backups and a programming team at the ready if something does get infected.
  2. Template updates and WordPress theme elements are on a contract paid annually to keep everything current. Outdated software and theme elements are the leading cause of a website breaking. We take a proactive approach to keeping everything working.
  3. Photo and illustrations are royalty free – We do not use any questionable images without knowing they are free from any rights of ownership. No surprises down the road.

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See Some of Our Current Work: